What is a Keyword Analysis?

Keywords are words or phrases that a person might type into a query in a search engine when they’re looking for something online. Once you’ve identified the right keywords to target, you will use them consistently throughout your entire online marketing effort. Keywords form the foundation of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and all other online promotional efforts — everything you use to drive targeted traffic to your website.

First Step – Preliminary Keyword Research

To get started, develop a list of possible keywords that target what you provide. Start with some basic keywords and search for them on Google, just like anyone would search for the products you sell. See who shows up in the search results. From this information you can do a competitive analysis to see what keywords your competition is targeting. Once you have completed your keyword research, there are several tools available to narrow your list down to a primary keyword list to be used in the content of your website and a secondary list that can be used in promoting the website with online pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns like Google Adwords.

Why are keywords so important?

Think of your keyword research as the foundation of your website. Just like building a home, the first thing you do is build a strong foundation to support your home. The keyword research will give you all the information you need to build a strong website that is optimized for the search engines. You will use the information to write content and your online SEO efforts (Search Engine Optimization).

For more information or if you would like an analysis of your website, contact BKS Marketing.

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